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Daily drawing ahooooooy

Mine~ :D

I’ll be posting up Saturday’s and Sunday’s on Monday as I will be gone and away from the computer for the weekend. (And my phone isn’t logging onto the mobile tumblr app I have. :/) So yaaaaay see ya’ll Monday! <3

cuttlefish3011 whispered: "Mikel and Deliza?"


Name: Alma
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Long slightly curling tangerine colored hair, dark skin, green eyes. Cream colored wolf tail and ears
Personality: Regal and dignified from a very young age, spends a lot of time with her books and painting.
Special Skills: The ability to shift to a spirit wolf form, magical control of water.
Takes Most After: Deliza
Personal Headcanon: Spends a lot of time abroad as an ambassador

Now I wanna draw her. Darn it Hannah. 

Animal Crossing Television Guide!



Rainbow Glitch: 12am and 5am


Static: 1am through 4am


News: 6am ,7am, 6pm, and 10pm


Soap Opera: 8am, 1pm, and 9pm


Nature Channel: 9am


Ninja Cartoon: 10am


Cooking Show: 11am


Ragtime Comedy Show: 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm, and 11pm


Workout Show: 3pm


Cat and Mouse Cartoon: 4pm


Game Show: 8pm


What about the weird show I saw at 11:57pm?  WTF is it?


It had super catchy music though…

Just take it from Persona fans, stay the hell away from the TV.


Daily drawing

My Mi’qote, Verdi, chilling in Mor Dhona and probably missing his missus.

And the daily drawing for today, I’ll draw tomorrows in the morning~


Here’s a sketched panel from today’s comic page since yesterday this was all I had time to work on~
Today’s page: http://www.evernightcomic.com/archives/180 



Visual Communications 4 project:
Character designs and Key frames presenting a redesign for Super Mario Bros. in which Princess Peach, aided by a mysterious Toadstool Merchant, sets off on an adventure to rescue Mario from the evil Bowser!

This project was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to really push myself with the shapes and proportions of characters and try a different style. Usually my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side so this time I wanted to make something a bit edgy and tongue-and-cheek. It was fun re-imaging a series that I’ve grown up with and finally giving Peach the spotlight. (We won’t mention the DS game they made for her….)

Thanks for playing!

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wow i cant draw
*keeps drawing*


proper fucking attitude.


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Daily drawing is just a piece of an idea for Ever Night later on down the track~ bed now~

http://enstasia.tumblr.com/post/82768266622/factionfighter-being-a-tank-on-final-fantasy →


Being a tank on Final Fantasy XIV ARR is sometimes the most stressful experience. I don’t get so much of the hate that we tanks tend to get for not always wanting to rush rush rush. A lot of the time we can’t rush, because we’re busy making sure our healers are ok. A healer…

As your DPS I like to pay attention to where you are and I also stand by the waiting for your Tank rule. If your Tank and Healer aren’t ready, don’t run ahead.

Never run ahead.

Got that, fellow DPS? Don’t run ahead ‘cause you look like an asshole.

and last but not least, yesterday’s daily drawing was some eyes

You’ll get today’s a bit later <3

Working on designing a race of bear people for Ever Night, My first attempts were…okay. lol BUT HEY still a daily drawing so yay~

Funky picture of Haruhi from Ouran High Host Club. Fuckin’ love that anime.

All right, playing catch up with all these daily drawings that hadn’t been posted~