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Daily drawing is just a piece of an idea for Ever Night later on down the track~ bed now~

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Being a tank on Final Fantasy XIV ARR is sometimes the most stressful experience. I don’t get so much of the hate that we tanks tend to get for not always wanting to rush rush rush. A lot of the time we can’t rush, because we’re busy making sure our healers are ok. A healer…

As your DPS I like to pay attention to where you are and I also stand by the waiting for your Tank rule. If your Tank and Healer aren’t ready, don’t run ahead.

Never run ahead.

Got that, fellow DPS? Don’t run ahead ‘cause you look like an asshole.

and last but not least, yesterday’s daily drawing was some eyes

You’ll get today’s a bit later <3

Working on designing a race of bear people for Ever Night, My first attempts were…okay. lol BUT HEY still a daily drawing so yay~

Funky picture of Haruhi from Ouran High Host Club. Fuckin’ love that anime.

All right, playing catch up with all these daily drawings that hadn’t been posted~


in tribute to this post, have some more color palettes that i’ve been keeping locked up for a while, hehe

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Art tips:


Just draw the damn hands.  Stop ending them at stumps at the wrist. Stop hiding them behind someone’s back.  Draw them.  Yeah, you’re probably bad at them, guess what? Everyone is.  And you’re not going to get better by not drawing them.

So draw the damn hands.

And the feet. Draw the fucking feet, man. Stop hiding that shit. Just struggle with it until you win, UNTIL YOU CAN DRAW THEM ALL THE TIME.

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I have daily drawings to upload, I just haven’t had the time the past couple days. I will upload them and todays in a couple hours <3


Laying down the groundwork for future tutorials on the subject.

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Here are some scientific facts about blood loss for all you psychopaths writers out there.

yeah, for writting..

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How to build a dome

All Photos © Steve Areen

This is awesome.

this is some tattooine level shit right here

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Daily drawing sorta from yesterday, was too exhausted to do much else.

This is a blown up image from yesterday’s ever-night-comic update :)

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Mmmageymage daily drawing awwwyeah

Today was not very productive artwise, so here is my little daily doodle and what I did with some washi tape to my DSiXL. Yaaaaaaay

going to bed now~ hopefully tomorrow will be amazingly better!