A beautiful something

Drew this for @Enstasia ‘s 25th birthday (which was on the 26th if you ‘re wondering) and had a rather fun time drawing it.
Her muse, Lunei and one of my muses Kadrin “Rin” Ardelean with their first little one, Isis. His first foray into family life was an adventure full of Happy tears, sleepless nights and more love than he knew what to do with.

Needless to say, Rin is quite happy being a father and Lunei finally got the family she always wanted to have with someone who loves her more than he loves himself. (She also adjusted better to being a parent, look at that sexy confident woman!)

Personally (And Stasia loved this too) I love how exhausted and happy Rin looks XD His usually perfect hair is mussed, his shirt is untidy and untucked. Everything is out of place on his usually perfectly done up person and he couldn’t give a damn! Simply because there is a beautiful little girl in his arms and he’s bloody happy to be holding her, knowing that she’s his. 


okay enough of my Daddy!Rin feels, I’ll go work now.