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in tribute to this post, have some more color palettes that i’ve been keeping locked up for a while, hehe

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Laying down the groundwork for future tutorials on the subject.

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Here are some scientific facts about blood loss for all you psychopaths writers out there.

yeah, for writting..

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Another round of torsos~ I tried to give this set a bit more variety in body type? Not an easy task, I suppose I still have a lot to learn.

If you enjoy em, please use the idea to help you study. It helped me better understand anatomy while making these. Maybe you can learn from what I’ve studied.

Also, any suggests on another reference sheet? Hands? Hats? Wings? I’ll do my best!

Male torso reference here.

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this is terrifying and beautiful at the same time

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How to Make and Fiberglass Armor


 idk if this is helpful at all but everyone’s been asking so here it is [da]

these are the most important things to me when i draw.

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Birds frozen in flight captured by photographer Paul Nelson.

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Survive Nature





Reblogging ‘cause I need this close at hand….fuck, I just made a pun.

Because almost everyone could use a few tips about drawing hands…

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A super fuck-ton of knuckle/hand references (per request).

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An abandoned hotel in front of the ocean. It closed a few years ago, so it’s empty as hell. You can only hear the wind blowing through broken windows.

Near Brest - France

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ tony ward f/w 2014-15

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temporalequinox asked you:
Hi! I love your comic and I’ve been working on a vintage inspired story myself for the passed few years now, but I can never find a great source for clothing of the time period my story takes place in. Do you by any chance have an accurate source that you look to for…