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daily drawing~ had a lot of fun practicing blending with my markers :3 Ballpoint pen and Prismacolor markers



Ever Night updated!

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For the day walkers <3

Resharing this for the day-walkers :D

Daily drawing, sorry it’s late~ enjoy <3

sometimes my daily drawings are sort of teasers from enstasia WIP Novel and I am sooo not sorry. ;D


Daily drawing yaaaay Rp sketch ;D

Sweethearts in the rain~

reblogging for the day walkers


Our new chapter begins! Welcome and enjoy your stay…there is no escape for you now. :)

Chapter 2 of Ever Night starts on Friday! :DDDDD IM FUCKIN’ EXCITED.

Soz, Daily drawing is super late. Been working on comic stuff pretty non-stop so I often forget to do my daily thing first.
But hey! Updates for Chapter 2 start up tomorrow! yaaaay~! Well technically Friday, but the new chapter cover goes live tomorrow :)



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Daily drawing, yeaah sorry its late again. My wrist and hand have been hurting.
This time we have Gear’s twin sister, Alexis. :) enjoy

daily drawing is late, I am the tired, good night

Daily drawing~ Contemplating a necklace with a sack of apples. Yessss.
Old Rp character of Stasia’s :3 I still wuv him.

Demon girl daily drawing~ enjoy~

Today’s daily sketch comes with no context. All you get is that it’s Aila and Verdi, both characters from enstasia and my webcomic Ever Night. :)

Ever Night’s Tumblr: ever-night-comic

Daily sketch time!

Today we have Aila from Ever Night! You will probably be seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks. :D