A beautiful something

Daily drawing

My Mi’qote, Verdi, chilling in Mor Dhona and probably missing his missus.

And the daily drawing for today, I’ll draw tomorrows in the morning~


Here’s a sketched panel from today’s comic page since yesterday this was all I had time to work on~
Today’s page: http://www.evernightcomic.com/archives/180 


Daily drawing is just a piece of an idea for Ever Night later on down the track~ bed now~

and last but not least, yesterday’s daily drawing was some eyes

You’ll get today’s a bit later <3

Working on designing a race of bear people for Ever Night, My first attempts were…okay. lol BUT HEY still a daily drawing so yay~

Funky picture of Haruhi from Ouran High Host Club. Fuckin’ love that anime.

All right, playing catch up with all these daily drawings that hadn’t been posted~

Daily drawing sorta from yesterday, was too exhausted to do much else.

This is a blown up image from yesterday’s ever-night-comic update :)

http://www.evernightcomic.com/ Check it out~


Mmmageymage daily drawing awwwyeah

Aaarrgghhh I’m going to bed.

Daily drawing

Harry Dresden! Woo!

Daily drawing

Daily drawing, better late than never~ 

Ro got into a fist fight and he won, nobody gets away with talking crap about his brother and walks away without a fat lip and a bloody nose. Ro throws down, man.

Daily drawing

cat (not actual cat) boyfriend is cutest boyfriend

Bedtime now