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Dagger, you are so cute, I love you. <3


Ever Night Updated!

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New comic update folks! CHECK IT OUT. Click the image or the link to go to it! <3

Ever Night Update! →


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New Ever Night update~ enjoy~

I have lots of other daily drawings from a while ago to upload but for now, lets just start with today.
One of my OC’s Deliza.


If you recognize him, good for you~

back to work now~ and then bed. 

(bigger image here: http://sjobomsawin.blogspot.com/2014/05/blog-post.html#comment-form )

Still prepping for being gone for the convention so here is something I managed to draw last night!

Rp character and also makes an appearance in the comic, Archipelago. :)

Hope you like her refreshed design, Hannah! ( thesilvertophat ) :3 

Daily drawing from the 21st

Daily drawing from the 20th

Daily drawing from the 19th

Daily drawing ahooooooy

Mine~ :D

I’ll be posting up Saturday’s and Sunday’s on Monday as I will be gone and away from the computer for the weekend. (And my phone isn’t logging onto the mobile tumblr app I have. :/) So yaaaaay see ya’ll Monday! <3

Daily drawing

My Mi’qote, Verdi, chilling in Mor Dhona and probably missing his missus.

And the daily drawing for today, I’ll draw tomorrows in the morning~


Here’s a sketched panel from today’s comic page since yesterday this was all I had time to work on~
Today’s page: http://www.evernightcomic.com/archives/180 


Daily drawing is just a piece of an idea for Ever Night later on down the track~ bed now~

and last but not least, yesterday’s daily drawing was some eyes

You’ll get today’s a bit later <3